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E Waste Warning

Are you using a proper data destruction and recycling company or an illegal E waste exporter?

In recent years many new 'recycling' companies have sprung up in the UK, most are good reliable companies playing it by the book.

Others however are simply after the equipment to export to developing countries where it is sold off the highest bidder usually with your data still on it.

The first you will know about this is when a news paper reporter calls you to find out why your equipment is being burnt in one of Africas E villages.


We are still able to offer totaly free collections on certain IT equipment from any location within the UK and we do not charge for your recycling paperwork.

Call today to find out if your company qualifies for free computer disposal and book your UK IT Recycling collection.

Find out why every week 100's of companies all over the UK are turning to UK IT Recycling for their asset retirement programs.


Computer Disposal Free PC Recycling/Disposal Collections

Our onsite data destruction unit can destroy any daya at your place of business

•We do not export waste to developing countries.
•We are a fully Environment Agency registered computer recycler.
•We collect all types of electrical waste not just computers.
•We can destroy your computer hard drives onsite giving you total data security.
•We now supply and collect a full range of secure office computer and electrical recycling bins.
secure office computer and electrical recycling bin 1100 ltr secure computer recycling dumpster 20ft secure computer recycling container can be dropped at your site and empties on request 40ft secure computer recycling container can be dropped at your place of business and empties on request.

Lines are open from 9am until 5pm and our advisers are waiting to help.

01743 761278

FULL UK Coverage

We are fully licenced and registered with the Environment Agency for the processing of waste electronic equipment and hard drive recycling.

Secure data destruction assured.

UK IT Recycling Ltd can carry out data destruction work at your place of business.

Onsite hard drive destruction and recycling from just £1 per hard drive including certificate of data destruction

Approved by MOD, NHS, Local and regional Government for computer disposal and data destruction.


Join Britains best known and most cost effective WEEE recycler and data destruction company.

Just tell us where and when and we will do the rest.

Total security for data destruction and ICT disposal

Our fleet of vehicles are covered by live satellite tracking 24 hours a day , this enables YOU to track your equipment to our data destruction facility giving you total peace of mind.



01743 761278


Or use our Email form by hitting the contact us link on the left.
U.K. I.T Recycling Ltd is rapidly becoming one of the U.K.s largest recyclers of computer equipment not just because we provide a cost effective and often totally free service to 100's of companies and government agencies all over the U.K. but also because we offer a professional and well organised computer and IT recycling service that no other recycling company can offer.

We Do The Hard Work For You.

We  handle the whole computer disposal and recycling process for you from start to finish including all paperwork for your audit trail and “Duty of care” in the disposal of waste computer equipment.

We are an N.H.S And Local Government Approved Recycler for computer disposal.

We work all over the U.K. and handle computer disposal and data destruction work for many N.H.S trusts, government agencies and places of education.

Fully Compliant With The W.E.E.E Directive 
With new E.U. laws for the disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment being
imposed all the time it is important to stay up to date and this is where U.K. I.T. Recycling  Ltd
can save you time and money by
handling the whole computer recycling and disposal process from start to finish.

Easy WEEE Compliance.

U.K. I.T. Recycling Ltd has helped send 100’s of computer systems to children whos families could not otherwise afford them: Helping them gain the vital I.T. skills needed to find work in today’s computer
dominated workplace.

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UK IT Recycling Ltd


Full List Of Services

UK IT Recycling Ltd has a fleet of recycling vehicles
Medium To Large Collections Upto 1.3Ton:
UK IT Recycling Ltd have a fleet of satellite tracked vehicles able to collect computer related or electronic equipment from any mainland UK location.
Our uniformed engineers will attend your site and load your waste equipment onto our vehicle before handing over your WEEE directive and Data Destruction Act paperwork. This service requires no physical input from your staff as our engineers will carry and load all the equipment for you.
We can also carry out onsite data destruction if required with this collection service.
UK IT Recycling Ltd hold full public liability insurance and are fully insured to work on your site.

Indoor secure office recycling bins are available
Small Amounts Of Computer Waste:
We have a range of smart and secure recycling bins that can be delivered to your place of business anywhere in the UK.
These range from small 120 litre wheelie bins upto larger 1100 litre secure dumpsters.
These secure bins are suitable for any computer or electronic type waste as well as any media containing sensitive data in need of secure destruction.
We will deliver the bin/dumpster to your place of business and you simply call us when its full.
No onsite data destruction service is available with this option.

10, 20 or 40ft secure containers are available
Large or ongoing Computer Disposal Collections:
Some larger sites may prefer a bigger more permanent solution to electronic waste disposal and data destruction. In these situations UK IT Recycling Ltd can provide you with a 10, 20 or 40 ft secure shipping container. You simply load the container at your own pace and call us whenever you require us to empty it.
If you require onsite data destruction with this service this can be done when our engineers arrive to empty the container.

Onsite data destruction is quick and easy
Onsite Data Destruction And Hard Drive Recycling:
Again this service can be carried out at any mainland UK location.
Our engineers will attend your site in our onsite data destruction unit. We offer several levels of onsite destruction, these are: physical destruction of hard drives, floppy discs, DLT CD, DVD or any other media containing data. As an additional security measure usually only required by our Public sector clients we are able to degauss any magnetic media before we physically destroy it, this double destruction method is to UK Government ‘Secret’ level and is used for the most sensitive of data.
Our onsite data destruction unit is both quiet and totally self contained meaning no disruption to you or your staff while our engineers are on site.

UK IT Launches New Service

UK IT Recycling Ltd are proud to announce the launch of a brand new computer recycling scheme for business large or small all over the UK.

If your company only produces a small amount of computer electronic waste then why not order one of our smart and secure UK IT recycling bins, dumpsters or containers for your office?

For a small fee UK IT Recycling Ltd will deliver a smart new recycling bin to your office, these come in a variety of sizes from a small 120 litre-320 litre bin or 1100 litre secure dumpster for indoor or outdoor use and can be easily moved around the office.
(larger bins and shipping containers upto 40ft are also available and can be dropped onsite at any location in England or Wales)

UK IT Secure Computer Recycling Bin Delivered To Your Office1100 litre Secure Computer Recycling Dumpster delivered To Your Office10 or 20ft Secure Computer Recycling Container delivered to your Place Of Bussiness40ft Secure Computer Recycling Container Delivered To Your Place Of Business

Preventing data leakage

Nearly every week we hear a large organisation or Government department has had a major security leak. In 2009 it emerged that the personal details of 1 million banking customers were found on a computer which was sold for just £35 on eBay.

Also in 2009 the Government revealed that information on every prisoner in England and Wales had been on an unencrypted memory stick which had been lost by a private sector contractor.

In 2008 UK IT Recycling Ltd carried out a simple data recovery method on PCs purchased from major computer recycling companies trading on eBay. Out of the 10 PCs purchased 8 contained sensitive data from Schools, Business and a major UK Hospital.
The software used to recover this data is freely available on the internet.

The companies, Schools and Hospitals involved were all given the correct Environment Agency paperwork along with a ‘full data destruction certificate’ all printed by the companies they thought had carried out secure data destruction work as promised.
However instead of performing a secure software wipe that can take upto 5 hours per hard drive the recycling companies had simply carried out a low level format in the hope that body would look.

Responses to a questionnaire sent to many NHS IT support managers revealed a frightening amount of trust in unknown companies contacted through the internet and little knowledge of what happens to the NHS equipment once it leaves the site with one simply saying ‘we donate it to Schools in Africa’ but when asked how do you know it is donated to Schools once it leaves the UK? the reply was ‘I don’t know I just saw the picture on the web site’.

The only way to keep data 100% secure is not to trust it to a 3rd party in the first place.
All data should be destroyed before any equipment is handed over to anyone regardless of paperwork and promises.

Certified onsite data destruction should always be carried out and is the only way to ensure 100% data security. The fastest method is physical hard drive destruction and the most secure method is degaussing followed by physical destruction of the drive.
In the case of DLT, floppies and other magnetic media onsite degaussing followed by granulation is recommended.

UK IT Recycling Ltd can destroy over 1000 hard drives per day at a fraction of the cost you might imagine.

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