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E Waste Warning

Are you using a proper data destruction and recycling company or an illegal E waste exporter?

In recent years many new 'recycling' companies have sprung up in the UK, most are good reliable companies playing it by the book.

Others however are simply after the equipment to export to developing countries where it is sold off the highest bidder usually with your data still on it.

The first you will know about this is when a news paper reporter calls you to find out why your equipment is being burnt in one of Africas E villages.


We are still able to offer totaly free collections on certain IT equipment from any location within the UK and we do not charge for your recycling paperwork.

Call today to find out if your company qualifies for free computer disposal and book your UK IT Recycling collection.

Find out why every week 100's of companies all over the UK are turning to UK IT Recycling for their asset retirement programs.

Free Secure On Site Data Destruction Of Hard Drives, Granulation Of Magnetic Media

FREE physical destruction of your hard drives, floppy discs, DLT tapes and any other media destroyed ON SITE for total data security.


To UK Government CESG standards to higher secret level.
UK IT Recycling Ltd Data Protection Registration number :Z1781219

01743 761278

Trusted by many Financial institutions, N.H.S Trusts, Government agencies, Schools, Universities and businesses all over the U.K. for I.T. disposal and the secure destruction od sencitive data to CESG higher level Government standards.

Above is an example of granulated floppy discs and DLT recently destroyed onsite in Cambridge.

References are available on request.

Data security is very important in this day and age this is why at UK IT Recycling Ltd we use the very best methods available to totally eradicate ALL data contained on any equipment received by us to UK Government CESG standards.

We can carry out data destruction procedures on site so your data never has to leave your place of business to give you total peace of mind.

This work can be carried out on all media including on site hard drive destruction and the destruction of data on CD, DVD, floppy discs, DLT media tapes

Please feel free to call and discuss your data security requirements on

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01743 761278

Many people believe that formatting a hard drive or floppy disc eradicates all data on that disc, this is not the case.

With today’s sophisticated software it is quite easy to recover all of the information previously held on a formatted disc, the only way to totally erase this data is to stamp out the magnetic signature by over writing it many times with more data or to physicaly destroy the media.

All equipment received by us has its data totally destroyed using at least a 3-pass data wipe using random digits, there is no known way of recovering your data after this procedure.

Paperwork is also provided confirming this work has been carried out.

Total Destruction by Shredding/crushing Is Aslo Available on, hard drives, CD, DVD, floppy discs, DLT media tapes.
On site hard drive destruction can be carried out in any UK location.

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