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E Waste Warning

Are you using a proper data destruction and recycling company or an illegal E waste exporter?

In recent years many new 'recycling' companies have sprung up in the UK, most are good reliable companies playing it by the book.

Others however are simply after the equipment to export to developing countries where it is sold off the highest bidder usually with your data still on it.

The first you will know about this is when a news paper reporter calls you to find out why your equipment is being burnt in one of Africas E villages.


We are still able to offer totaly free collections on certain IT equipment from any location within the UK and we do not charge for your recycling paperwork.

Call today to find out if your company qualifies for free computer disposal and book your UK IT Recycling collection.

Find out why every week 100's of companies all over the UK are turning to UK IT Recycling for their asset retirement programs.

UK IT Launches New Service

UK IT Recycling Ltd are proud to announce the launch of a brand new computer recycling scheme for business large or small all over the UK.

If your company only produces a small amount of computer electronic waste then why not order one of our smart and secure UK IT recycling bins, dumpsters or containers for your office?

For a small fee UK IT Recycling Ltd will deliver a smart new recycling bin to your office, these come in a variety of sizes from a small 120 litre-320 litre bin or 1100 litre secure dumpster for indoor or outdoor use and can be easily moved around the office.
(larger bins and shipping containers upto 40ft are also available and can be dropped onsite at any location in England or Wales)

UK IT Secure Computer Recycling Bin Delivered To Your Office1100 litre Secure Computer Recycling Dumpster delivered To Your Office10 or 20ft Secure Computer Recycling Container delivered to your Place Of Bussiness40ft Secure Computer Recycling Container Delivered To Your Place Of Business

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